Making Easter Magical!

For kids all holidays are magical and it’s often too easy as adults to forget just how magical they can be. Easter is no exception, there are so many wonderful activities and things you can do with your kids to make it a memorable and magical day each year. You might even start a new family tradition, one that is carried through to the next generation.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas:

  1. Egg dying – you don’t need to be Picasso to dye and colour your eggs, dip dye with food colouring
  2. Easter Egg Hunt – get creative with your Easter Egg Hunts, have an evening hunt, age colour coded egg hunt, find other great ideas here
  3. Easter Story – grab a hot cocoa milk and share an early morning story, reading a special book about Easter and why it’s celebrated 
  4. Attend Easter Service – attend family Easter service together and celebrate afterwards with a special meal out, followed by Easter egg treat 
  5. Camping – the Easter long weekend and warmer weather is the perfect time to go camping why not have an outback Easter egg hunt
  6. Giving Back – the kids could make up Easter egg baskets with little treats for those less fortunate, or give them to their friends. Love these homemade ones from Little 3 and Me 


March 25, 2013 by Marni Parry
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